Anti-Theft Travel Backpack -

Anti-Theft Travel Backpack

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Stop pick pockets and thieves in their tracks with this Anti-theft Travel Backpack!

This Backpack uses anti-theft design techology.  The zipper of main pocket is fully hidden in the back of this bag so no one will be able to easily open it from behind you.

There is a Refelctive Stripe on the front of the bag which makes this backpack more conspicuous in the night.

External USB with built-in charging cable offers a convenient charging station on the go.

Made from high quality EVA material, the back of this backpack will not change shape even when carrying a heavy load. It’s strong and will protect your back and your laptop. Very comfortable to carry and it's ventilated, so you will never feel hot by carrying this anti- theft backpack.

Multiple Compartments to hold all of your equipment and supplies  




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