What's So Great About Night Vision Binoculars?

Why would someone want night vision in a pair of binoculars? Well, privacy has become a loosely defined word, especially in the world of famous people. If you have a big name in Hollywood, sports, or any other area, you can bet someone out there has bought a pair of night vision binoculars (namely the paparazzi) to watch your every move, day or night for any tidbit of news or gossip to boost their own ratings or popularity.

But night vision binoculars are important to those of us who have better things to do than obsess over famous people. Like hunters, for instance. Yes, hunting does have its benefits. It reduces overpopulated animals and provides food to needy charities that rely on any help they can get to feed the starving and underprivileged. Keeping the animal kingdom in balance is important and can be a struggle for us humans because of our compassion on one end and our greed on another. Like anything else, it can be taken too far and abused. But, hunters do have their place in this world and need reliable binoculars to help serve their purpose.

The binocular industry certainly isn't doing too badly with prices ranging as high as $6000 for one particular pair of night vision binoculars. (You don't even need a license for those, just a hefty bank account ---or a good line of credit!). Because of the added necessary feature, night vision binoculars will cost more than those for use in daylight only. But don't despair; there are plenty of others that are more in the range of the average person, although you'll want to get what you pay for. This particular type of binocular seems to run in the general range of $500 on the low-cost end.

Don't get confused between night vision binoculars and night vision goggles. Goggles are made with a headpiece to strap onto your head. The night visions are often created with infrared illuminators built into them, along with light intensifier tubes.

The most popular and widely sold binoculars are of the Generation 1 rating. This basically means they're made more so for the general public than for a profession such as law enforcement or the military.

It is possible to find a pair for $344, which is fine for the property owner who needs to scan his property for intruders of the human or wildlife variety. They're good for camping trips as well as other things. The NZT-2 MBN Binoculars have a 4x magnification, a recognition range of 100 m/y and should satisfy basic binocular needs.

Whether you are buying a pair of binoculars for night or day use, you'll want good image gain and resolution to have a clear picture of what you're trying to see through the lens. Magnifying a blurry image doesn't really provide much satisfaction to identify your subject! Green is the color of choice for night vision illumination because our eyes can best adjust to that color to differentiate. Night vision is designed exactly for what it's called, to see in the dark. But a little light is still required to help this happen. It is easier to get eye fatigue with night vision equipment that is used for long periods of time, just as long periods of computer use can cause eye strain. One drawback of night vision equipment is that it attracts dust particles and some say it is normal to have some spots on your viewing lens that won't go away.

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